This is the FAQ for the 2022 edition.

How to get to the location?
RIC is easily accessable by car, public transport and bike. Please, consult this page.

Can I have a meal before the ball?
No, we are sorry. However, we do serve snacks at the ball.

How much do the drinks cost?
We charge regular prices, comparable to normal pub prizes.

Is the venue accessable to disabled guests?
We are sorry RIC is not accessale for the diabled. There is no elevator. We will do our best to improve this next year.

Is the dress code strict?
Yes, we expect you to turn up according to the dress code. You can find more information here.

Do you provide a guarded wardrobe?
Yes, we do. Please, give a donation in favour of VluchtelingenWerk (see below).

Does the ball start at 8.30 PM sharp?
Yes. Make sure to arrive in time, so you can enjoy the opening dance.

I am not a ballroom dancer. Will it still be fun for me?
We think it will. We offer a great location and a swinging orchestra. We are sure you will still have a great time. Also, we will end the ball with disco music.

The ball supports VluchtelingenWerk (Dutch Council for Refugees). How does this work?
During the ball you can have your photograph taken with a splendid backdrop. For this souvenir we charge a 5 Euro donation. We invite you to donate more. All donations are in support of VluchtelingenWerk.