Marco van der Noordaa

Marco van der Noordaa

After visiting a few balls in Vienna, Marco thought: why can’t this be done in my hometown Amsterdam? He decided to take the bold step and organized the first ball in 2019 in Arti et Amicitiae. It was an immediate success. We are now two editions further and he looks back on a very successful ball in 2023 in De Duif on the Prinsengracht. As far as Marco is concerned, this is not the last, but the beginning of a new tradition for Amsterdam. The preparations for edition 2024 have started!

Maja van Eijndthoven | Niek Koopmeiners

Photo: Marty Brands

Maja danced in the ball opening during the 2023 edition and starting 2024 she will be co-organizer of the Amsterdamsch Galabal. Maja calls herself an “initiator with a passion for dancing and culture”. She is a cultural connector and has earned her spurs in student dancing, including as president of student ballroom dance association USDV U Dance. Maja is still an active dancer and will strengthen the team with her experience in event organization.

Niek is co-organiser of the Amsterdamsch Galabal since 2023. This means a great amount of experience has boarded the organisation. Niek is a high level dancer, knows his way around the Dutch ballroom dancing scene and is a council member of the Dutch National Dancesport Federation (Nederlandse Algemene Danssport Bond, NADB). As co-organiser, Niek will be responsable for everyting around dance and music during the ball. Also, he will be concerned with promotion of the ball in The Netherlands and abroad.


Nederlandse Danssport Organisatie

Nederlandse Danssport Organisatie
(Dutch Dance Sports Organisation)

Amsterdamsch Galabal and the NDO have become partners in 2023. Both parties bear a warm heart to dancing. The NDO is an association of which amateur dancers, dance teachers, trainers, dance schools and dance associations can become a member. It is a not for profit organization in which all revenues benefit the dancers. The NDO organizes sporty and affordable dance competitions in Ballroom and Latin American. Those are open to Beginners, Amateurs and Seniors. Pairs of other associations can also take part. “There is always a place for enthousiastic dancers, dance teachers and trainers at the NDO, since 1969.”


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